Test-Based Nutritional Analysis

A Powerful Report on Your Health Using

Comprehensive Blood Panel


Hair Analysis for Toxicity


Urinalysis & Additional Tests


With Whole Food Supplements and Lifestyle Recommendations to Boost Your Body's Natural Ability to Fight Disease & Function at 100%.

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Prior to your consultation, Dr. Josh will send you links to complete your “New Patient Packet” online or you may download the packet here and bring it with you.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation fee is $75. Dr. Josh will talk with you extensively about your health concerns, get your vitals, and talk about the tests that you will need. Some of the tests will be done at the end of your consultation. Your blood panel will be done at LabCorp. Find a location and schedule an appointment.

Standard tests are:

  • Comprehensive Blood Panel
  • Hair Analysis for Heavy Metals / Toxicity
  • Urinalysis
  • Stool Analysis

Additional tests including cancer, hormone, and cardiac panels may needed as well.

Report of Findings Consultation

You will receive a comprehensive report with all of your tests compiled to get a complete picture of your health. Full explanations will be given for each test and what whole food supplements will be needed to improve the result. A diet plan will be laid out for you as well as a list of foods, cosmetics, and household items to avoid. The last page of the report will list all supplements and the amounts you will take over the next two months before re-testing. Dr. Josh may also recommend additional testing if there are specific concerns in the initial report.

Re-Testing Consultation

After two months on your supplements and new diet, Dr. Josh will re-test you to see how much you have improved. The re-testing report will compare and highlight the changes and Dr. Josh will make new supplement and diet recommendations based on your improvement.

As you improve your overall health, you will not need to be tested as frequently. Dr. Josh desires to help his patients achieve a higher quality of living – not merely to keep them from pain or illness. As you progress with this program, his hope is that you stay on track with your diet and supplements and change your lifestyle for good. Adding chiropractic care will truly help you optimize your mobility, function, and nutrition.

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